To My Mom On Mother’s Day

To My Mom On Mother's Day

To my Mom on Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoy your letter! Love you and miss you!

-Dawn <><

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One Response to To My Mom On Mother’s Day

  1. Linda says:

    sob, sob, sob, you honor and bless me with your wonderful words of praise. As I watched a show earlier this week with young couples being interviewed about whether they should have children, I was amazed how many opt not to have children. They think they know so much about life and what they want. I feel sorry for them and know how much richer my life is with my children and as I grow older and now know you my daughter, as an adult making choices without me, I am humbled to know that as a mom, that the part I played is appreciated. May God continue to bless you and strengthen you always. I love you. Mom

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