What’s Not Said … In Communication

Communication Issues pg1

This is where the Book of James in the Bible talks about the tongue. James 3:1-12.

Communication Issues pg2

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One Response to What’s Not Said … In Communication

  1. Linda says:

    I really enjoyed your blog and never thought about not speaking could cause a lot of undue grief. But what you say makes a lot of sense. I have often prayed for wisdom and I have learned to listen more and talk less. But now I believe that listening too much and not speaking up could show a lack a wisdom on my part. I will definitely mediate on this and once again ask for God’s guidance when it comes to communicating to others. I too still struggle with having a good process for studying God’s word and not just reading it to say I read each day. Most of the time I find that I need a subject in order to study instead of just opening the bible and reading randomly. If anyone has suggestions on how they study, please share your ideas on this blog.

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