Dear Journal: Spending Time

My post this week is my thoughts in my Journal regarding my devotional/quiet time. It took awhile to write it. I started a few times and then got stuck. Finally I hit upon writing it as I would write a letter to a friend. I wrote this post to my journal. ūüôā As before, things highlighted¬†in blue will links below each page. Also I added some more things after the last scanned page. So look at this too. Thanks for your understanding! – Dawn

Quiet Time 2.28.2013 pg 1

Matthew 25:14-46; 1 Samuel 4-1-11; My other post about the parable of the talents.

Quiet Time 2.28.2013 pg 2

Mark 9:14-29.

Quiet Time 2.28.2013 pg 3

Quiet Time 2.28.2013 pg 4

After writing this post, I found this¬†article by Pam Farrel that also gives terrific encouragement to read the Bible often. It is worth the quick read! I had a¬†hard time writing this and getting my reasons straight why I am practicing spending time in God’s Word and with God every day.¬† I know there are probably a myriad of other reasons I must have missed including in Pam Farrel’s article.

If you read this, please join me in conversation in the comment section below. What are some reasons you find it difficult to do a daily quiet time? If you do not find it difficult, what keeps you going? What motivations do you have for sticking to it?

Bonus question: It takes me a long time to memorize just one verse of the Bible. The one I’m working on now is¬†Proverbs 9:10.¬†Do you have a verse you are trying to memorize like me?

Thanks for reading my post, I am glad you stopped by! РDawn  <><

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2 Responses to Dear Journal: Spending Time

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing about spending time with the Lord. I also struggle like everyone else. I pretty much talk to the Lord 24/7. By directing my thoughts and ideas towards speaking to God, I feel closer and have a more intimate relationship and because of this I do feel guilty when I haven’t taken the time to read His word. It is like He is calling to me whenever I walk by a bible. It’s like He’s saying “You talk to me all the time Linda, how about getting into my word so you will know what I need you to hear as well?” Having a quiet time and studying God’s word should feel like a hunger that you can feel rather than a duty. I hunger a lot and struggle as you do to feed that hunger. The longer the times in between those hunger pains the less it becomes until you no longer feel the hunger and that is when we don’t receive the blessings that God wants to share with us. It is easier for me now that I am alone so I encourage you to “strive” but don’t kick yourself when you don’t complete it everyday. The striving is what counts, because it helps you recognize a need and a hunger that only God can fill. He understands your life and is with you even on the days that you haven’t achieved your goal. Keep up the words of encouragement to all of us and God Bless.

  2. sherette schafer says:

    Thanks Dawn you helped me get into the bible this morning… I re entered my church a few month’s ago… I was baptized Baptist alooooong time ago…and well just Thank u. In Christ’s love …Grace and Peace and Joy Sherette Sickler aka Schafer…name change in process…back to my birthname.

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