Investing My Resources

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Our Daily Bread. 1Samuel 4:1-11.

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Matthew 25:14-46. Matthew 18:1-10. Mark’s Sermon: “Using what God has given you.”

My Goals.

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Matthew 18:1-10.  Matthew 25:40

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Thank you for reading my blog! – Dawn

Question of the Day: What things have jumped out at you in your time with God? If you haven’t had a quiet time are you planning on starting one? Why or why not?

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3 Responses to Investing My Resources

  1. so sorry it has taken so long to put a comment… i read this when you posted on Facebook… Love your word and love reading the blogs with the beautiful art work. An awesome challenge… how am I using my resources (that are all gifts from God) for Him?//

  2. Dale says:

    That guy with the one talent had intrigued me considerably for years (still does) until last spring as I studied through the chapter. What I saw finally was this……

    Both of the other two use this line, “Lord, you delivered unto ME…” meaning they took ownership. If we fail to take ownership, we can never truly treat something like it is ours. I have always treated mortgaged houses better than rented ones. (Don’t we all?) Not that I’ve ever treated a rented house poorly!! But by taking ownership of the huge amount of money given to each of them–a talent was equal to what one would spend in retirement– the men could treat the money with PRIORITY. This third guy’s thinking was “I know this lord makes a lot of money because of the effort of others. To keep from losing anything, I’ll bury it in a safe place.” Out of sight, out of mind. The lord told him, ‘If you’d just OWNED the money enough to take it down to the bank, MAYBE you’d’ve figured out that one bank pays 3% (which means the money can double in 24 years) and the other bank pays 4% (which would double the money in 18 years).’ PLUS, while the first two had doubled what was given to them, there were never any requirements to DOUBLE anything. The one-talent man had the ability(v.15), but he never cared, he never gave priority except to his own thing.

    What could have been driving his thinking when he dug a hole and hid the money?? ‘Oh I have enough to do without being bothered with this….’ But when we dig a hole and hide what the Lord has given us, don’t we hide it from EVERYBODY’S VIEW???? Why do the tests/situations come our way??? Because the Lord has reasonable expectation that we have the ability to handle it!!! That gives me more confidence than anything else in this whole world—the the Creator of this universe A) thinks I can handle things and B) knows how much I can handle and doesn’t give me too much. Two talents would have been too much, five talents would have been overwhelming for the 3rd man in the parable, and thus, if I can’t handle two or five or ten, I WILL handle one, and I will handle it in a praise-worthy manner. That’s what the Lord teaches me to do

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